Wednesday 16 October 2019

Dundee United defender Jamie Robson under investigation after appearing in ‘blackface’ at a party

Dundee United footballer Jamie Robson appeared in 'blackface' at a party over the weekend ( Instagram/abigailarriana )
Dundee United footballer Jamie Robson appeared in 'blackface' at a party over the weekend ( Instagram/abigailarriana )

Jack De Menezes

Dundee United have launched an investigation after an image emerged of their football Jamie Robson ‘blacked up’ at a fancy dress party at the weekend.

The 20-year-old left-back was pictured in an Instagram post painted black and wearing an umbrella hat, hi-vis vest, white T-shirt and shorts with black leggings while holding two cardboard signs, one which said “Buy 1 Get 5 free!” and the other reading “Cheap as Chips”.

It is the second time in the space of a year that Robson has landed himself in controversy, and Dundee United manager Robbie Neilson has confirmed that the club are investigating the matter, but that any action will remain confidential to the Scottish Championship side.

“I spoke to him briefly. The standards at this football club have to kept at the highest level.

“We will chat again later with him and the club will deal with it in-house.

“We are a big football club and we get a lot of exposure. The players, staff and everyone associated with it needs to realise that.

“When you are out and about and doing different things you are representing the club and the fans.

“So we will deal with it over the next few days.”

Robson has since deactivated his Instagram account.

Dundee United were one of many clubs in the United Kingdom who showed their support for the Show Racism the Red Card campaign, with a picture taken earlier this season showing Robson holding up a sign ahead of match showing off the charity’s slogan.

But the charity has condemned his actions, and explained why ‘blackface’ can no longer be tolerated.

“The practice of blackface has always had the potential to offend but in the past there was no societal voice for those who would have found it offensive,” a Show Racism the Red Card spokesman said.

“In 2018, it is the consequences of the practice rather than the intention that is relevant. What does blackface say to people, and young people particularly about the acceptance and normality of different skin colours in society?

“Show Racism the Red Card would argue that these practices caricature and portray or glamorise differences which could lead to discrimination.”

Robson has landed himself in trouble before, having been investigated by the club last year after a video emerged on Snapchat showing him drinking a green liquid from a pint glass while driving. The footage also showed the young defender taking his hands off the wheel to dance and sing into the camera, but the club took no further action after accepting that it was not an alcoholic drink.

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