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Dream come true for shot Cabanas

Two years after he was shot in the head at close range in a Mexico City bar, former Paraguay and Club America striker Salvador Cabanas made a comeback with Paraguayan third division side Club 12 de Octubre.

"My dream has been realised,'' Cabanas said after starting the friendly and played for 15 minutes before going to the bench. "Last night I almost could not sleep," he added.

Club president Luis Salinas said he was in touch with Cabanas' doctors and contacted the Mexican side Club America about a transfer.

"Apparently there will be no transfer fee, but we have to do the paperwork," Salinas said.

Cabanas, who was with Club America at the time, miraculously survived the shooting on January. 25, 2010. A bullet fragment is still lodged in his skull, which doctors decided was too risky to remove.

Irish Independent