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David Moyes 'was out of his depth all season' - Man Utd legend Paul McGrath


Paul McGrath in his days as a Manchester United player

Paul McGrath in his days as a Manchester United player

Paul McGrath in his days as a Manchester United player

SACKED manager of Manchester United David Moyes looked out of his depth all season, former player Paul McGrath has claimed.

Following Moyes’ departure from Old Trafford, the club’s current longest serving player, Ryan Giggs, will take over as interim manager for the remaining four league matches.

Moyes’ end following a disastrous season finally came to pass this morning when he was informed by senior management at United’s training ground at Carrington in Manchester.

Former United footballer and Irish international, Paul McGrath said the manager’s job at Old Trafford “was a step too far for David” as successor to Alex Ferguson who retired last season.

“I don’t think David has the same strong personality as Sir Alex and it’s as simple as that,” McGrath said.

“He looked like a man under strain all season, he looked out of his depth.

“He has shown a lot of guts the way he has faced the cameras. He looked like a man who was under strain from early on. It is a tough morning for him.”

Yet, McGrath believes that Moyes is “very similar to Alex Ferguson in many ways”.

“He wouldn’t have been in the role for financial gain and he did have a love of the game. But it is so difficult to connect with your players in the same way that Sir Alex did.”

The 54-year-old Dubliner blamed some of Moyes’ managerial decisions for his downfall.

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“The one player he brought in who cost £27m – Fellaini - hasn’t performed well at all. Van Persie (who has been injured for a lot of the season) was a huge loss for him as well.”

However, McGrath believes that Moyes should have been given a small bit more time to prove himself and maintains supporters would have stayed patient.

“A lot of fans would have given him an extra season to get into the swing of things as Sir Alex had to do himself.”

He said Giggs may get better results and performances from the players.

“The players might fight a little harder for Ryan than they did for David. But the players need to look at themselves as some of them have underperformed during the season. Some should be even ashamed of themselves.”

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