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Sunday 20 October 2019

Daniel Levy is working so hard on Spurs project, says Mauricio Pochettino

Tottenham are expected to announce test events at their new state-of-the-art arena early next month.

Daniel Levy is delivering Spurs into a new state-of-the-art stadium (Steve Paston/PA)
Daniel Levy is delivering Spurs into a new state-of-the-art stadium (Steve Paston/PA)

By Jonathan Veal, Press Association Sport

Mauricio Pochettino says Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy is enduring sleepless nights in his drive to leave a lasting legacy at the club.

Levy is currently consumed by delivering Spurs’ new stadium – a project that has suffered escalating costs and many delays and problems along the way.

There could be good news on the horizon, though, as the club are expected to announce test events at the state-of-the-art arena early next month and Pochettino is convinced it will be like no other stadium.

Levy is not universally popular with the club’s supporters, but Pochettino, who admits his boss is “not an easy man” thinks he deserves credit.

“The chairman is suffering a lot,” Pochettino said. “He is so tired about work. The last few months he didn’t sleep because he is trying to deliver the stadium.

“He is trying to make everyone happy but it’s a massive project. I think people don’t realise the magnitude of the project and how difficult it is to manage everything.

“Everyone is disappointed because we are still not playing there but the day we move everyone is going to realise how massive the project was and how good the facilities are.

“It doesn’t just depend on him. When you build something, you depend on many companies. I think it’s more than 20 that are working there. It’s so, so difficult.

Daniel Levy has an excellent relationship with Mauricio Pochettino (Andrew Matthews/PA)

“That is why I think he needs to feel the love from the fans and the club. He is working so hard, too hard, to leave a legacy forever. And I think that’s fantastic.

“When you compare the new stadium to other stadiums, we are going to be so lucky to play there.

“He is not an easy man. But he is so passionate to create some things for the fans and the staff and the players.

“He is always thinking to do things for other people. And of course, for the fans. That is a fantastic thing but the people sometimes struggle to understand.

“The team wins and the praise is for the players, the coaching staff or the manager. When lose, the first is him that the people blame – sometimes deserved! Sometimes, no.

“I think he deserves a fantastic recognition because what he’s doing, him and the board, is a fantastic thing for the club and it’s going to be there forever.”

The things Levy perhaps deserves the most credit for is bringing Pochettino to the club in 2014 as the Argentinian has performed above expectation, with qualification to the knockout stages of the Champions League his latest achievement.

— Jonathan Veal (@jonathandveal83) December 13, 2018

That has seen speculation linking him to Manchester United and Real Madrid resurface and Pochettino revealed previous episodes of conjecture have left his boss feeling worried, not that he feels the need to put Levy’s mind at ease.

“He no laugh,” he said. “I don’t get bored (about reading them) but he maybe is worried, he is concerned.

“But it’s normal. It’s not nice for Daniel to hear all that history.

“It’s like in football, when appear the sporting director or the president and say, ‘No, no, no. The manager is going to be here. We trust in him.’ The next game, lose the game, out!

“If you reassure something it’s because you are thinking in different (ways). He’s a worry man! That is different. He suffers.”

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