Wednesday 21 March 2018


Philip nolan,

St Patrick's Athletic Ppromotions Officer

"We had a plan in place; it was a perfectly good plan. The Rovers fans coming onto the pitch didn't help the situation, and a few dunces from our crowd didn't help the situation.

"The sad thing for me, as a parent, is I've seen a few kids crying going home and I don't want that type of stuff. There probably will be fines; we'll do our review and we'll sit down and do a full report with the gardai and see the CCTV.

"Yeah, that's what sparked it off (Rovers fans encroaching).

"It was a great game of football -- but a few eejits ruined the night for everybody.

"All I can say is I apologise to anybody who was inconvenienced and if they have any problems or pictures or anything, to contact me."

Jonathan Roche, Shamrock Rovers Chairman

"I think the individuals who wanted to be involved in stuff, were involved in stuff -- I didn't see anything. Especially with our club, incidents that happen, I think they're blown out of all proportion.

"We deal with people when we can -- they are banned and there was a big security operation here (on Tuesday) and in Tallaght. We spend a lot of money and we don't want to waste money doing that kind of stuff. So we will deal with it.

"People have ruined it for themselves; hopefully it won't have a huge impact on people that were here. The majority of people enjoyed themselves but these things happen at sports occasions.

"We did take action after Dundalk -- we banned everyone that was identified and people were charged as well and were up in court in Dundalk.

"We work together and try our best. But when there's 4,000 people and 20 or 30 want to instigate something, it's hard for clubs to do anything. But we work hard with the FAI and other clubs and it's probably going to make the headlines and it shouldn't really take away from the clubs' achievement, but it will unfortunately."

FAI statement

"Following the pitch encroachments and incidents which took place after the FAI Ford Cup semi-final replay between St Patrick's Athletic and Shamrock Rovers, the FAI will carry out an investigation.

"The FAI will be speaking with both clubs, as well as gardaí and the match delegate.

"Given that the semi-final and subsequent replay between St Patrick's Athletic and Shamrock Rovers were attended by almost 10,000 people, it is disappointing that the actions of a tiny minority have distracted from what were two enjoyable occasions."

Pete M ahon, St Patrick's Athletic Manager

"I'm not surprised with Shamrock Rovers -- they have this element that they carry around with them and it's tarnishing what is a great club.

"It's a pity because I think the game was played in a good spirit. But we'll be reading in the newspapers again about this kind of carry-on. It does the game no good. We're trying to entice more people to come to games and when they see that they just won't bother."

Michael o'neill,

shamrock rovers


"I saw supporters come on from both sides so I'm not sure what the incidents were or what happened. We don't want to see that but from my position, it's difficult -- I wasn't in a position to see it or comment on what happened or what didn't happen.

"From a media point of view, you're sitting in the stands so you see it clearer than we do but I think the stewards handled it well and made sure anything that did happen was minimal."

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