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Club must let me know they want me to stay – Brendan Rodgers


Liverpool are on course to reach Brendan Rodgers' pre-season target of 76 points

Liverpool are on course to reach Brendan Rodgers' pre-season target of 76 points

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Liverpool are on course to reach Brendan Rodgers' pre-season target of 76 points

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers believes he still has work to do to convince his board that his long-term future is at Anfield.

Although Rodgers has been earning plaudits for the revival he has overseen on Merseyside, he has just 18 months remaining on the Liverpool contract he signed in 2012.

Liverpool's owners, Fenway Sports Group, always planned to review progress during Rodgers' reign and if he succeeds in leading the club back into the Champions League it is inevitable the Antrim man will be rewarded.

The hierarchy has seen no reason to rush into negotiations and create an unnecessary distraction during a period of stability.

The last time a Liverpool manager was involved in contract negotiations in mid-season – Rafa Benitez during the 2008-09 campaign – it dragged on for months and caused a weekly circus around the club to the detriment of a title challenge.

The owners have shown throughout their reign they are aware of previous errors of former regimes and do not intend repeating them.


Rodgers revealed the club have an option to extend his three-year deal by one more season, but he will earn fresh terms should the rate of improvement be maintained.

Asked what conversations there have been on his future, Rodgers replied: "Nothing whatsoever. I have, after this year, one more year to go. I have always said when I came I am very happy here and we're just over halfway through that contract and it is not something that comes into my thinking.

"If I never get offered one I would give my life to the last day of that contract. In the meantime, until anyone says otherwise or wants to reward the staff or myself for our work, then we keep working as normal and see where it takes us.

"The option is for the club for the fourth year, but in all fairness there is a point next year where the club has to let me know whether they want to keep me on or not.

"I have regular contact with the owners and it is never mentioned. I talk more about players.

"My ambition is more for the club so I want the players tied up so we can keep the best players here and get players in.

"The club knows my feelings in that I love it here and I've started out on something I would want to hopefully – if I can progress and be good and everyone is happy – stay here and continue. If it's not to be for the owners and they want a different direction at the end of it, I will have done my best."

One man Rodgers says can expect a new deal in the near future is midfielder Jordan Henderson, who will be fit for tomorrow's trip to Fulham despite fracturing a wrist during the 5-1 win over Arsenal. He will wear a plaster cast.

"The way he is working, we would want to secure his services," said Rodgers.

"He still has all his best years ahead of him and you can see his growth and development. He will want to get better and I'm sure it is in the interests of the club to tie him down."

Rodgers believes England will reap the rewards of Henderson's renaissance.

He added: "For me you had the three England players on the pitch on Saturday with Jordan, Stevie (Gerrard) controlling and Jack Wilshere.


"Stevie playmaking from behind and two attacking players who can run, get forward and get into the box. And can press.

"Wilshere is a wonderful player. He is probably not to his fitness level yet where he has been but he is a big talent, naturally gifted who can play either side and between lines.

"Jordan, tactically, is improving so much, and Stevie is in the zone just behind. It would be hard to pick a better three than that."

Despite the title predictions, Rodgers set a points target of 76 at the start of the season for a top-four finish.

"We're on course for that. To win the league you might need just over 80 points," he said.

"If you look at the trend over the last few years, if you are low to mid-seventies in points it should get you in there. That was the marker early on as a minimum, but it's not the limit of our ambition.

"I came here to hopefully win the league with Liverpool and I hope with more work and by adding more bits of quality we will be ready. At this moment in time it is about a process and being realistic." (© Daily Telegraph, London)

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