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Chelsea’s Champions’ League win costs Premiership rivals millions

CHELSEA’S qualification for the Champions League as winners will see the three other English qualifiers take a financial hit of several million pounds each.

The split of UEFA television money based on where each qualifying club finished in the Premier League will now be changed to reflect the fact Chelsea are in the group stage as champions.

Normally, as domestic champions Manchester City would get 40pc of UEFA's 'market pool' pot of TV money totalling around £12million, second-placed Manchester United 30pc (£9m) third-placed Arsenal 20pc (£6m) and the fourth-placed club 10pc (£3m).

Instead, City and Chelsea will each receive 30pc (£9m), United 25pc (£7.5m) and Arsenal 15pc (£4.5m.)

UEFA said the figures would be confirmed by their executive meeting in July.