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When is the Champions League draw and who can the Premier League sides face?


Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City will learn their fates in the 2015/16 Champions League this week

When is the Champions League group stage draw?

The draw for the 2015/16 Champions League group stage will take place at 5.45pm UK time on Thursday 27 August in Monaco.

Where can I watch it?

The draw will be streamed live in the DrawCentre on the UEFA website.

How will the draw work?

32 of the best teams from around Europe are in the draw, making up eight groups of four. Teams will be sorted into four pots, with one team from each pot going into each group.

Following changes to the regulations this year, for the first time Pot 1 will be made up of the holders and the champions of the top seven associations: Spain, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal, France and Russia. As Barcelona are the holders and the winners of last season's Champions League, the eighth pot 1 spot has been given to PSV Eindhoven, champions of the eighth-placed nation, Holland.

No two teams from the same nation can be drawn in the same group.

What pot are Chelsea in and who can they face?

As champions of England, Chelsea will be in Pot 1 and cannot face any of the winners of any of the other major European leagues. However, as Pot 2 will contain all three English teams (if Manchester United qualify), Chelsea stand a fairly strong chance of drawing Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid or Porto from the second pot.

What pot are Arsenal in and who can they face?

Arsenal are guaranteed to be in Pot 2 whatever happens in the playoffs and will face one domestic champion from a list of Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Benfica, Paris-Saint Germain, Zenit St Petersburg and PSV. As they are in Pot 2 themselves they avoid the likes of Real, Atletico and Porto.

What pot are Manchester City in and who can they face?

Man City are also guaranteed to be in Pot 2 though their low coefficient needs improving if they are to remain in there next year. They have the same possible opponents as Arsenal.

What pot will Manchester United be in and who can they face?

If Louis van Gaal's side overcome Club Brugge and progress to the Champions League group stage they will certainly be in Pot 2 and face the same possible opponents as Arsenal and City, meaning Louis van Gaal could face a reunion with Barcelona or Bayern Munich as soon as next month.

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When will the matches take place?

Group stage games will take place every two or three weeks, starting on September 15 and ending on December 9.

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