Monday 23 September 2019

Watch: Marcelo's eight-year-old son joins Real Madrid stars in game of head tennis - and absolutely nails it

Edd Dracott

Marcelo is probably the most skilful left back in the world, but it turns out the Real Madrid defender’s son has some pretty mad skills too.

The Brazilian’s eight-year-old son Enzo Vieira has gone viral after his father shared a video of him showing off his remarkable talent at heading a ball.

The footage shows Enzo exchanging headers with a line of 11 Madrid players lined up on a dressing room bench, including stars such as his father, Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos, before slotting it into an open bin.

Marcelo posted the footage to social media, writing in Portuguese that he is a “proud dad”.

Understandable, and the response from fans online to the feat has been as rapturous as that from the players present, who celebrated by raising the boy in the air.

Real face Liverpool in the Champions League final on May 26.

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