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McDowell excited by Champions League

Graeme McDowell would love to have a problem on Saturday evening - how to get from Wentworth to Wembley in a hurry.

Manchester United fan McDowell has tickets for the Champions League final against Barcelona for himself, his father, brother and "a few friends", but he also hopes to be leading the BMW PGA Championship.

The third round is scheduled to finish at about 6pm and the match kicks off at 7.45pm, but post-round interviews could make it a real dash.

"It'll be a nice problem to have, but I'm hoping I'll make it," said the US Open champion.

His Ryder Cup partner Rory McIlroy is also a United supporter and is also Wembley-bound.

"It's going to be tough, but I'm looking forward to it," he said today. "They are so good on the ball and can turn it on at any stage they want, but if United keep it close for the first hour hopefully we can catch them on the break or something."