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'I don’t care who we draw' - Jurgen Klopp's colourful reaction to Liverpool's Champions League win



Jurgen Klopp in jubilant mood as Liverpool recored another vital win

Jurgen Klopp in jubilant mood as Liverpool recored another vital win

Jurgen Klopp in jubilant mood as Liverpool recored another vital win

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp struggled to contain his excitement as his side's nerve-jangling 1-0 win against Napoli secured progress to the last-16 of the Champions League.

Mohamed Salah's first half goal gave Liverpool one of the results that could have secured their progress in the competition, after they lost three times in an inconsistent Group C campaign.

Liverpool finish as runners-up behind Paris Saint-Germain and could face one of Europe's big-hitters in the first knock-out phase, but Klopp was full of joy as he spoke to the media.

"Wow, what a game. I am not sure a manager could be prouder of a team than I am," he declared.

"The only good thing about the first game at Napoli was that we were our ugly brothers and it wasn't us at all.

"I said in the meeting before the game tonight, if the first game we played there was good for anything, it was that they cannot have an idea who we are really because that was not us, that was somebody else.

"We could have made a six-hour meeting of that game because we made so many mistakes. Or we could ignore it. We decided to ignore it. We gave the boys the opportunity to do better in the next league game and that’s what we did.

"Today, we had an opportunity to show more than we did in Italy and the boys played an outstanding game. The way we pressed them meant they had to change their game and they had no real key for us.

"Mo Salah scored an unbelievable goal and I have no idea how Alisson made a save like this, it was amazing. We could have scored more, but the last chance Sadio Mane had made no difference in the standings. It was wild and there were lots of counter attacks but we were ready for that.

"Thank you Anfield. It was just so special. I couldn’t be more proud of the people involved."

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Klopp went on to suggest his side were starring at a defeat in the group stages after reaching last season's Champions League final, as he looked forward to knock-out football in 2019.

"UEFA probably thought they could continue the competition without Liverpool, but not yet," he added. "I said if we went out, it wouldn't have been tonight, it would have been in Napoli when we deserved to lose, but tonight we deserved to win.

"I’m still full of good feeling. This game was just amazing. Outstanding, unbelievable. The boys played with their whole heart on the pitch.

"Now we have a tough opponent in the next round? Until 7.55 tonight I wasn’t sure we would even be in the draw. I don’t care who we draw."

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