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Eamon Dunphy: Gareth Bale's agent should keep his nose out of Roy Keane criticism


Gareth Bale's agent has hit back at criticism from Roy Keane

Gareth Bale's agent has hit back at criticism from Roy Keane

Gareth Bale's agent has hit back at criticism from Roy Keane

Outspoken pundit Eamon Dunphy has praised the honesty of ITV pundit Roy Keane following his criticism of Gareth Bale and advised his agent to "keep his nose out of it."

Real Madrid star Bale was roundly criticised for his performance during the 2-1 defeat of Juventus in the Champions League semi-final first-leg where he touched the ball on fewer occasions than any other player during an ineffective performance.

The Republic of Ireland assistant manager was on ITV duty and was highly critical of the world's most expensive footballer.

Keane said Bale's display against Juventus on Tuesday night was so poor it was like the reigning European champions were "playing with 10 men".

"You say a lack of confidence from Bale but he kept making the easy decision. The reason he's at Real Madrid is to be brave and get at people.

"Every time he got at people, even on one v ones, he turned back. His teammates can't be happy with him because he took the easy option every time."

Bale's agent Barnett hit back yesterday, claiming that they would be taking no notice of the opinions from someone who has "failed in management".

"Why should we take any notice of comments from people who don't know what they are talking about - and from people who have failed in management," he told the BBC

"He only listens to relevant comments. He is 100% focussed on Real Madrid."

However Dunphy says Barnett would be better advised shying away from engaging in such comments and added that Keane's honesty is refreshing.

"Bale's agent should keep his nose out of it," he told The Star.

"Roy Keane has a great record as a player and it is why he is on TV and he is entitled to give his opinion. I wish there were more like him. He was correct in his assessment of Bale's performance and his criticism was totally valid."

Dunphy added that while he does have a degree of sympathy for the Welshman in the pressure-cooker environment of Real Madrid, he says the pundit was correct to see it as he called it.

"Maybe Roy could have added a bit more context to the Bale situation…but at least he speaks his mind and I would never criticise Roy for that."

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