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Carlos Tevez to bulldoze tennis court after complaints

A TENNIS court built at the Manchester City striker Carlos Tevez's home has been dug up after walkers complained it spoiled the view.

It has been at the centre of a planning row since it was built at the forward's rented home, in Alderley Edge, Cheshire in 2010.

Owners of the £8m Finlows Bower Farm property, Avalon Trustee Company, erected the sports facility, two entrance gates and an outbuilding without permission but had submitted retrospective planning applications.

Cheshire East Council had refused the first of these applications last February and were due to consider another, but Avalon, who wanted to rip up the court's artificial surface and replace it with grass, have now decided to bulldoze the site completely and return it to its original state.

Jason Gardener, of the company's operations director, said: "We built the tennis court in good faith and thought we had worked with the council since we realised there was a problem and have now taken it down."

He added that Avalon didn't want to "upset" local residents.

Philip Jobling from the Edge Association, which had opposed the development, said: "Both the National Trust and ourselves were concerned about the impact of the earthmoving on what is a very important piece of landscape when it is enjoyed by thousands of people every year looking down from the Edge."

The National Trust had objected to erection of the tennis court because it was contrary to Green Belt policy. "In addition the unauthorised works have taken place in an especially sensitive location being both part of the Area of Special County Value and in close proximity to, and ready seen from viewpoints at, the ever popular Alderley Edge," it said.

Cheshire East council said an enforcement notice for the demolition of the gates had come into force this week and had to be carried out within three months.