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Cahill cross-code Cead Mile Failte

CROKE Park's suits may have done a good PR job with HRH this week, but Antrim hurling manager Dinny Cahill also did his bit for cross-code relations last weekend.

A visiting Portuguese journalist, over to cover the Europa League final, went down to Portlaoise last Saturday to get a first-hand taste of hurling. So impressed was he by the Leinster SHC game between Antrim and Laois that he approached Cahill to interview him for his Lisbon paper.

Upon hearing where he was from, the genial Tipperary man insisted: "Oh, we'll have to get you a ball."

"There you are!" he said as he came out of the dressing-room to drop a sliotar into the visitor's hand. "Take that back to Jose Mourinho now and see what he'd do with it!"

Incidentally, when our Portuguese visitor did a vox-pop among supporters at half-time, he was informed by the young hurling fans that "soccer's for pussies!"

Irish Independent