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Bruce has sympathy over tickets


Hull manager Steve Bruce believes action must be taken over ticket prices

Hull manager Steve Bruce believes action must be taken over ticket prices

Hull manager Steve Bruce believes action must be taken over ticket prices

Hull boss Steve Bruce has called for Barclays Premier League officials to act to curb rising ticket prices ahead of his side's KC Stadium clash with Liverpool on Tuesday.

Visiting fans' group Spirit of Shankly is organising a boycott of the game in protest at the £50 admission charge, and Bruce echoed his Liverpool counterpart Brendan Rodgers in backing its right to do so.

Bruce said: "I feel sorry for the supporters of big clubs who have to dig deep every week and I hope when the new TV money comes into play the Premier League can remember football does belong to supporters.

"I know how difficult it is for people here at our club to find the money to bring their two kids to a football match and we have to make sure with all the money washing around we give something back to the fans.

"We have to remember the average man in the street because they are the lifeblood of football and I think if the Premier League set certain rules we would all have to abide by them."

Despite a procession of top clubs still to visit the KC Stadium this season, Bruce believes his side have given themselves a fighting chance of survival after Saturday's potentially priceless 2-0 win at Crystal Palace.

And Bruce admitted what pleased him almost as much as the result was the way in which his players rose to the occasion, which could augur well for the nail-biting end-of-season run-in to come.

Bruce said: "It's like playing in a derby game - you forget about playing the game and just get caught up in the occasion and sometimes it can grab hold of you.

"I remember my first experience was an FA Cup semi-final and I was hopeless - the occasion got to me and I couldn't put one foot in front of the other.

"You have got to take the pressure off and remember how to play and that's what pleased me at the weekend - we didn't look in any trouble and we played without fear."

Bruce has more good news with Mohamed Diame and Andy Robertson pushing to return from injuries which kept them out of the win at Selhurst Park, although David Meyler remains suspended.

And with striker Dame N'Doye continuing his recent hot streak with both second-half efforts against Palace, Bruce hopes there is still more to come from his £3million man.

"Dame has got five goals in eight games which is a terrific return by him at just the right time," added Bruce.

"He usually scores his goals in bunches so let's hope there are a few more around the corner and he can get the goals that keep us in the division."

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