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Brian O'Driscoll has had his say on the Jack Grealish saga


Brian O'Driscoll thinks Jack Grealish should not be called up to the Ireland squad again

Brian O'Driscoll thinks that Jack Grealish should NOT be called up to the Ireland squad again after the Aston Villa youngster decided to turn down Martin O'Neill's invitation yesterday.

The Ireland boss wanted Grealish to join up with the squad for the forthcoming friendly with England and Euro Qualifier against Scotland but he declined, reiterating his stance that he will make his mind up in September.

Grealish has represented Ireland at underage level right up to Under-21 but is still free to play for the land of his birth, England.

On last night's Off The Ball Show, former Ireland international Kenny Cunningham said: "I wouldn't call him up again. This lad's 19. You make a decision to play for your country with your heart, you don't make it with your head.


"You don't need nine or ten months to mull over every potential permutation and the advantages and disadvantages of the choice that you make. It's not a decision based on logic. It's a decision you make with every sinew in your body and heart. This lad's been in the system for four and five years. He should know!"

And O'Driscoll agreed with Cunningham when he retweeted a link to his quotes and added: "Couldn't agree more."

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