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BBC get lost in translation following Cantona comeback

Eric Cantona should be well used to being called four-letter words from his playing days but even the Frenchman must have been surprised to be called Eric "c***" Cantona on live television.

The ex-Manchester United star has been in the headlines recently for his failed economic revolution in his home country and this week for his appointment as director of football of the proposed relaunched New York Cosmos club.

Hailed as Cantona's return to football -- despite his 'club' lacking players, supporters or a stadium -- the news tripped up BBC presenter Olly Foster, who signed off his piece on Eric's comeback with: "How cool is that, great to see Eric c*** Cantona."

Foster and his fellow presenters attempted to cover up the faux pas with banter but the air was already blue.

There was a similar slip of the tongue at the BBC when British culture secretary Jeremy Hunt was introduced on Radio 4 last month.

Foster can at least ask his viewers to pardon his French.


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