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Barca stars best paid on planet

figures released this week may have uncovered the secret behind Barcelona's success under Pep Guardiola: they pay loads of cash.

Or to be more exact, they pay their stars on average £5,260,313 a year, according to the latest Sportingintelligence Global Sports Salaries Survey, which ranks the Catalan giants the best paid team in global sport. The survey was first published in 2010 and in two years has already seen a huge change to the world order. In 2010 the New York Yankees were at No 1 and the top 10 included seven American sports teams, six of them from the NBA.

Now the best paid, on average, are found in Europe's football leagues. Even West Ham players (£1,417,310 a year) are earning more than the Green Bay Packers (£1,402,088). Something doesn't add up.

The top 10: 1 Barcelona, £5,260,313 a year, 2 Real Madrid, £4,724,662, 3 Manchester City, £4,486,580, 4 Chelsea £4,118,227, 5 LA Lakers £3,804,441, 6 New York Yankees £3,748,831, 7 AC Milan £3,699,411, 8 Bayern Munich £3,579,961, 9 Philadelphia Phillies £3,525,612, 10 Internazionale £3,454,681.

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