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Saturday 21 April 2018

A new law has just been introduced to football that could really punish some penalty takers Newsdesk

Journalists were today briefed on a raft of new law changes that will be implemented from next season and a few of them could really have a big impact on the game.

Many of the law changes being brought in by FIFA's International Football Association Board were announced a few weeks ago, such as players receiving a yellow card rather than a red when they foul an attacker as the last man in a goal-scoring opportunity - provided they attempted to play the ball.

Another law that had been previously announced was the referee's ability to send players off for pre-match violent conduct in the tunnel. That player would then need to be replaced by a substitute so the team would still start with eleven.

One big change that was brought in today was the punishment for feinting when taking a penalty kick. Feinting at the end of a run up has been outlawed since 2010, although if a player does do it, they were previously ordered to re-take the kick.

Now if a player dummy's after completing their run up, they will be booked and an indirect free kick will be rewarded to the opposing team.

That is a pretty big punishment and since stuttering run ups are still allowed provided the dummy comes before the player has completed his run up, referees will have to make some tough judgements regarding whether a run up has been completed.

Other laws that will be in effect from next season include water breaks during excessively hot conditions and players being allowed have up to 20 seconds of on-pitch treatment and staying on after.

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