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10 times footballers did disgusting things to each other - Roy Keane makes the list


Edinson Cavani was defended by his manager for getting sent off in a Copa America match against Chile, as it's claimed he was reacting to having an opposition player's finger inserted up his anus.

Fair provocation, in the manager's eyes.

And while it's difficult to argue that this particular wind up wouldn't be at least a bit annoying, footballers should be more than used to opponents employing dirty tricks to put them off.

The 'dark arts' have been used as part the beautiful game for as long as it's been played, so here we celebrate some of the most disgusting.

Vinnie Jones grabs Gazza's crown jewels



Alan Shearer 'misses the ball' and 'accidentally' boots Neil Lennon in the head

Luiz Suarez bites, well, everyone



Not content with chomping down on Branislav Ivanovic in the Premier League, he went and did the same thing to Giorgio Chiellini at the World Cup. Didn't work out all that well for him, actually.

Dennis Wise does a Dennis Wise

Diego Costa and Sergio Ramos foul, shove and spit

These two really don't like each other, which could be great for the Premier League...

Jonny Evans and Pappiss Cisse spit at each other

Federico Fazio punches Diego Costa

It turns out Costa isn't very popular with many defenders, surprisingly.

Roy Keane stamps on Gareth Southgate

American women's college player Elizabeth Lambert has just about the roughest game ever

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