Saturday 20 July 2019

Scrummies fly out to back boys in green

SUPPORT: Ruth Griffin will be backing her fiance, Alan Quinlan
SUPPORT: Ruth Griffin will be backing her fiance, Alan Quinlan
Ruth Griffin

Ruth Griffin

HERE WE GO: Ruth backs fiance Alan in tonights crunch tie

The nerves were really jangling this morning when I flew over to Paris with three of the players' partners to cheer on the lads for the crunch match against France tonight.

And I know that everyone calls us rugby WAGS and loves comparing us to the soccer girls, but in what will come as a big surprise to many, we actually flew over with Ryanair! It's fair to say that using the budget airline kind of kills the notion of us arriving into the most chic city in Europe, dressed from head-to-toe in designer gear and wearing oversized shades like Coleen McLoughlin and her gang.

Plus, using Ryanair also meant I had to restrict myself on how much luggage to bring over – which was probably a good thing in the end as I didn't have too much to lug about. It was really hard deciding what to pack though as the weather's quite cold in Paris but it's quite nice down in Bordeaux, where we're going on Sunday. I erred on the side of caution and just brought far too much.

This is a trip that I've been planning with the girls for ages. At this stage, we all know each other really well and get on great and we're all looking forward to having a proper catchup with our other halves. I've flown over with Dave Wallace's wife Aileen, Paul O'Connell's girlfriend Emily and Marcus Horgan's wife Kate but we're going to meet up with some of the Munster girls this evening. Once we reached Beauvais, we ordered a minivan to bring us straight to the hotel so there's not much time to spare before we head to the stadium tonight to cheer on the guys.

I'll be wearing something green tonight and probably a pair of jeans but I won't be wearing anything too flashy – comfort is definitely my priority. Although I've been going out with Alan for more than three years, I'm no rugby expert. But I'm really hoping that Ireland will do well and anything can happen on the pitch tonight so fingers crossed that things go well. After the match, my first thought will probably be about catching up with Alan – he's my priority for coming over. Like the rest of the players' partners, it's been three weeks since I saw him and I really miss him.

We're both used to being apart for long periods of time, as he lives in Limerick and I live in Dublin and we're usually so busy but this is getting a bit much now! I've talked to him on the phone nearly every day but it's not the same as seeing someone properly, so once the game is over we're going back to the hotel to chill-out. We've a lot of planning to do, seeing as how we're getting married next year.

We haven't set a definite date yet but it will probably we sometime in June. I've looked at a few places like Dundrum House in Alan's native Tipperary and that was gorgeous but nothing is decided. I also have to sort out my dress and I've considered either a Vera Wang or something by Peter O'Brien, my favourite Irish designer. But it all feels like it's months away and in the meantime, I've the big move down to Limerick.

Once the World Cup is over, I'm packing my bags and leaving Dublin. After three years of commuting from one city to the other, enough is enough. And after all, it's only a two-hour drive if I get homesick

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