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We'd love a winter break

Can I add my tuppence worth to the views expressed by colleagues Martin Breheny and Eugene McGee in relation to the GAA's closed season?

As a sports lover I find it bemusing that there are no real competitive games between the end of the various county club championships and the re-commencement of the National Leagues.

Far be it for me to fight the GAA's corner but certainly ground is being ceded for an excessive period of time to rival sporting codes.

By contrast, I wish the IRFU and Magners League could consider a winter break (of much lesser duration to the GAA's) but realistically that is unlikely, given the May/June demands of finals and mandatory summer tours to the southern hemisphere.

Rugby, like hurling, and to a lesser extent football, struggles with the winter elements, but our governing body and ruling organisation's hands are tied. There is little or no wriggle room for rugby and excessive free time for hurling and football.

If only there could be a middle line.

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