Watch: Poor crying rugby fan gets slagged mercilessly by pundits as his girlfriend comforts him

Will Slattery

Yesterday was not pretty if you are a fan of the Stormers rugby team.

The South African franchise hosted New Zealand outfit The Chiefs in the Super Rugby quarter-final, and it turned into a bloodbath.

The Waikato-based side shredded their Cape Town opponents to run out 60-21 winners. It was an awesome display and possibly the highest level of rugby ever reached by a club side.

For the Chiefs to achieve such a memorable win on South African soil undoubtedly made it sweeter for their players, but it left some home fans inconsolable.

South African TV picked out one despondent Stormers supporter afterwards, with the young man crying into the shoulder of a woman who was attempting to soothe him.

The pundits didn't have much sympathy though, joking that the reason for the tears might be because of an inopportune break-up.