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Video: Murphy the skateboarding dog and devoted Leinster fan shows off his Rugby skills

IF canine rugby ever took off, it’s already got its Brian O’Driscoll and Ronan O’Gara all rolled into one – in the form of Murphy the dog.

Murphy the dog has been trained by his owner Sinead Hughes (@pawsitivetail)  to perform some impressive rugby tricks.

He displays the speed and agility Brian O’Driscoll has become famous for – albeit with the help of his skateboard.

Murphy shows his defensive prowess when he chases down and secures the ball, and would surely scare off any opponents who tried to take it from him.

However perhaps most impressive of all is when Murphy prepares to take a penalty kick, having clearly looked to Munster rival Ronan O’Gara for inspiration.

He slowly trots back from the ball, pauses briefly to take aim, before dashing up and taking the kick with his nose.

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