Thursday 19 April 2018

Video: 'I'd be a farmer if it wasn't for rugby,' reveals Ireland star Rob Kearney

Sharon McGowan

He's one of Ireland's top rugby players but Rob Kearney has revealed that he could've been a farmer had his sporting career not worked out.

We're used to seeing him get stuck in on the rugby pitch but the Ireland player said he's just as capable when it comes to the farm.

The Leinster star (29) admitted he probably would've gone into the family business of farming if he hadn't made it on the pitch.

"We come from a farming background, fourth generation, so we're proud of our roots," he told the Herald,

"We understand the hard work and commitments that farmers put in to all their produce and just what a strong culture we have in this country and it's something to be proud of.

"I actually used to do a lot of farming and then I went away to boarding school and had it not been for the rugby it'd probably be back home in Louth on the farm now."

Rob has branched into numerous non-rugby ventures lately including modelling for Newbridge Silverware and opening his own bar with some of his Leinster team mates, and Rob admitted that he wouldn't rule out a return to the family farm when he retires, saying: "Maybe, who knows."

While Rob is certain he would be happy to swap his rugby boots for wellies, his brother and team mate Dave (25) is less certain.

Speaking at the launch of National Dairy Week, the younger brother admitted that he's not so sure if he would have followed in his family's footsteps if it hadn't been for sport.

"Maybe," he said. "Our older brother would've had the biggest interest but we would've had a lot of interest when we were younger. I suppose once we went to school and started playing rugby things went in a different direction."

The pair also said that they have no issues fighting for places on the same team, though Rob admitted it could be a different story if they played the same position.

"I think we're lucky we play different positions on the field," he said. "It might be a little bit different if we both played the same position but it helps that we're vying for different numbers."

Dave said that while there's no sibling rivalry on the pitch, when it comes to life at home things can get heated.

"I suppose sometime we do (fight) - it's not really on the pitch but it's more indoor sports like FIFA and stuff that we get the fists out for," he explained.

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