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'Unfare' taxi ban latest rank World Cup debacle

IF the IRB and fellow organisers are attempting to destroy the concept of the Rugby World Cup as one to be enjoyed by a community it is already exorbitantly overcharging, then they are making a fine job of it.

Touchlines now hears from our friends in New Zealand that taxis and private vehicles will be banned from Wellington's Westpac Stadium during the World Cup because they are considered a security threat.

A Wellington City Council spokesman said the stadium, including the car park beneath, had effectively been rented by RWC2011 - the company charged with bringing the tournament to New Zealand - to hold all matches. But increased security at the entrances meant it was not feasible for taxis and private cars to come and go.

Anyone who has been to windy Wellington knows that there can be a decent walk ahead of you if you're stranded - and it never rains but it pours in New Zealand's most cosmopolitan city.

This is just the latest in ridiculous restrictions imposed by organisers. Touchlines can't recall the last incident of taxi-related terrorism but then ... if they bring a few of Dublin's Man United-supporting taxi drivers across to Wellington, there could well be a security issue of a different kind. DK

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