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UCD deliver positive prognosis for AIL's future

Text received from my GP at around 5.0 on Saturday afternoon: "Yerawadie, Yerawadie, Yup,Yup, Yup, Horum harum hup, hup, hup, Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee, Yerawaddie, Yerawaddie, U-C-D... we absolutely milled them. 42-0 with champagne rugby throughout – different class of skill from 1-15. Winners alright – Collidge!!"

I'll save the good doc the embarrassment of identifying him but the euphoric message reflects an extraordinary result from Coonagh, where the kings of AIL rugby bit the dust and with the defeat came relegation from the top division for the first time since the 32-county competition came into being.

I have no doubt that Shannon will go away and regroup but equally, at a time when the relevance of the club game could be reappearing on the Union agenda, isn't it great to have a young and vibrant university team back in the top division, with UL Bohs and Trinity set to challenge again?

An astonishing result and remarkable achievement for Bobby Byrne, Risteard Byrne and everyone involved in this outstanding success at Belfield.

Although no longer with us, Finbar Costello would be mighty proud.

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