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Tuesday 20 March 2018

Touchlines Down Under: Styling a heady brew in Elan Down Under

LIVING out of a suitcase for a protracted period of time has certain undesirable consequences, not least for your personal grooming.

With hotel laundry excessively expensive, garments have to be recycled via the 'inside out' method while facial and cranial hair tends to grow unchecked.

The latter situation means a trip to the barber over the next couple of days and it turns out Brisbane is home to one of the world's finest.

Elan, Men's Hair And Body boasts a comprehensive male grooming service, far removed from the in-and-out, "have you booked any holidays yet?" dry-cut service we are accustomed to in Ireland.

According to the flyers, Elan "provides a total solution for men who want to look professional, feel confident and seek a distinct style" -- so far, so alluring. However, it was the next part of Elan's pitch that really grabbed the attention.

"Elan is equipped with televisions to keep the modern man up to date on all the financial news and sport, wireless internet connections for the man on the move and a selection of exclusively roasted coffees, gourmet juices and ... cold beers."

Who said the Aussies didn't have culture?

Court jesters land a whale of a nickname

NICKNAMES are part and parcel of any rugby tour and Ireland's trip to the southern hemisphere this summer is no exception.

One of the Irish press pack has been dubbed 'Moriarty' after the bizarre blindfold (and sometimes naked) game 'Are you there Moriarty?' he unwisely revealed he used to partake in while attending his elite private school many moons ago.

No 8 Chris Henry has admitted to being called 'Chazz Michael Michaels' after the Will Ferrell character in 'Blades of Glory' and now it emerges his Ulster colleague Tom Court has acquired the name 'Migaloo' because of his 'Steve Staunton tan'.

Pale skin was not a problem in the cold of New Zealand but relocation to sunny Brisbane has brought the issue to the fore for Court.

Having no idea what 'Migaloo' meant, we did some research and it was revealed that this is the name given by the local media to a great white, humpback whale that travels up and down the east coast of Australia. Way harsh.


"I heard that again today, for the 300th time. They played two internationals and he touched the ball twice. He did." -- Ireland's Australian backs coach Alan Gaffney on team manager Paul McNaughton's contribution to Ireland's last success away to the Wallabies in 1979.


The number of tickets already sold for Saturday's Test at the 52,500-capacity Suncorp Stadium.

Compiled by Hugh Farrelly

Irish Independent

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