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Tony Ward: Cowardly Hore must feel full force of the law

Apparently, some New Zealanders are taking the hump on the basis that sections of the 'Pommy media' are daring to take All Blacks rugby to task over Andrew Hore's 'altercation' with Bradley Davies in the opening minutes (when the latter was pole-axed) of Saturday's one-sided romp in Cardiff.

With respect to all concerned, whatever punishment the Kiwi hooker receives, he will deserve every minute of it. What he did was cowardly and without provocation. Whether the guilty party was Hore (above) or an Irish icon of the status of Brian O'Driscoll is irrelevant.

When the game is dragged through the mire, then whatever governing body is responsible must exercise the full rigours of the law.

If not, then as witnessed last week in the case of Andrew Thompson's ridiculously lenient one-match ban for stamping, the IRB – with responsibility for global policing – will intervene.

New Zealand's ire would be better directed at the individuals sullying the All Blacks' name and the brand the NZRFU professes to protect and promote so diligently.

New Zealand rugby sets the standards to which we all aspire. The All Blacks' code of discipline must be no different.

Irish Independent