Friday 15 November 2019

The words rolled off Miles' tongue, but he's had 16 years to get it perfect

Brian Jaffray

O ye of little faith! Arise, Sir Warren all is forgiven but never forgotten... You don't mess with our BOD.

Saturday night in Australia and Sky's new buzz-word comes to us from high above the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With the famous Opera House as backdrop, Sky's cheerleader Alex Payne lays it on the line for us all watching from afar. Ecstasy in Brisbane, agony in Melbourne and now 'The Decider' in Sydney. Imagine, some suit got paid loads to come up with that one!

Eighty minutes from immortality, legends in the making and all the same boring old hoopla we've been fed since the first Test. Even the television feed from Australia breaks down for a few seconds as if the local gremlins have cried halt. Haven't we heard enough of all this nonsense?

Still, there was a collective sigh of relief when our regular Saturday fourball of 'Wally', 'Geech', Will G and Scotty greeted us from Sydney's ANZ Stadium.

The rumours coming to us all week from Down Under had been unsettling. Gatty, we feared, wanted to put more of a Welsh stamp on the panel and replace the boys with some of his own. Oh, the relief when Giggsy, Shirley Bassey, Max Boyce and Tom Jones were nowhere to be seen when we went live to the studio.

We had been together from the start of the voyage and we wanted the four lads to guide us home.

There's a bond there that can't be broken and all the baloney that goes with the Lions jargon... oops, just got a wee bit carried away there.

The panel were worried. Scotty was a nervous wreck down on pitchside. There was no need, Big Man, sure we never doubted Gatty. O ye of little faith!

The proverbial rollercoaster of a ride later, it's all over. Series victory for the Lions. "It's done, it's dusted, they've achieved it." The words just rolled off Miles Harrison's tongue but, then again, he had 16 years to get it pitch perfect.

"Gatland had been vindicated. The Hunter Valley is going to be emptied of red wine tonight,'" chipped in Stuart Barnes. "It's going to be a red sunset in Sydney tonight."

Some achievement considering it was nearly 11.0pm winter time in Australia.

It's party time in Sydney. The camera looks out for BOD. No need to pan too far. There he is on the field bear-hugging Jonathan Davies and then offering his hand to Gatland. A moment in time that will only add to BOD's legendary status. Pure class, but did we expect anything else?

Scotty for once was almost speechless and breathless when he caught up with BOD and his daughter Sadie. Her pink headphones on, we presume, to protect her from Scotty's warbling. "You, my friend, are a Lions legend," an emotional Scotty said as he bear-hugged him.

"Cheers bud," replied BOD as he made his way to the dressing-room where Daniel Craig wanted an audience. Even James Bond knows you don't mess with our BOD.

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