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The Heaslip verdict on...

World Cup defeat

"I don't mean to be so blase about it but we played badly and we let them in for a couple of soft tries, and didn't take our chances. After getting ourselves back into the game so well we didn't take any more chances. We had a lot of ball, especially in that first half in their '22'."

"I can only talk about the guys playing at Leinster. I'd love to see Eoin O'Malley involved -- he's done a great job with Leinster.

"Fergus (McFadden) is another guy; I'd love to see Lukey (Fitzgerald) back in the fray, he's been pretty electric on the wing for us. You've got Fionn Carr too, unfortunately Dominic Ryan is injured, but you've got Rhys Ruddock, Devin (Toner), who is playing some good rugby right now, Cian (Healy). We've got all these young guys bursting through."

"I'd say his experience as a guidance counsellor... he probably knows, and most people should have the common sense to know, that no two people are the same.

"Different people see things in different ways and have to be seen differently. That is one of his many attributes, that he can deal with the players.

"There's no point dictating to people -- you work with them and you have more success, I think. In anything in life, you build up loyalty and someone will go above and beyond the call of duty for you."

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