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Friday 23 February 2018

Stan cooks dog . . .

As Stan Wright got fitter it was obvious to everyone that he was a good operator with a serious engine and after Leinster extended his deal and got a proper pre-season into him, he never looked back. He became one of us.

However, Stanley is also a Cook Islander through and through, something we realised when Stan took a keen interest in the doggies he saw around Dublin.

We discovered, during one memorable dressing-room discussion that, before leaving for Dublin, Stanley had actually barbecued his own dog.

The dog was named Toby and the reason Stanley decided to have his own dog for dinner was, simply and casually, explained by the big man to all of us.

The day before the barbecue, two policemen had cycled by his house and Toby, more impressed by the 'long leg' of the law rather than its 'long arm' had chased down the bikes and tried his damnedest to nibble on a police limb.

In turn, the policemen told Stanley that if they caught the dog, he was destined for the pound.

That was never going to happen, Stanley explained to us. He hadn't fed Toby with the best of food for two years just for two coppers to take him off, so, in jig-time Toby became a sumptuous supper on the Wright table.

After Stanley gauged our collective reaction to this particular story, he admitted he should probably not recount the story to many other people in Ireland. I told him that would be wise.

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