Monday 14 October 2019

'We are winning matches that three or four years ago we would have lost' - The Six Nations so far

Conor Murray (left) celebrates with teammate Keith Earls. Photo: Sportsfile
Conor Murray (left) celebrates with teammate Keith Earls. Photo: Sportsfile

We asked you to give us your thoughts on the Six Nations so far so here is a flavour of what is on your minds.

"The depth of the injury list has certainly had an impact along with Sexton and Murray not hitting form following their return from injury. Sexton is showing a lot of frustration and needs to take control of that and channel it into positive action. Murray needs more game time but possibly at club level to help rebuild his form and confidence. With both players off form the back line cannot operate properly." – Donal

"It's been thoroughly lacklustre, all a bit mechanical and lacking in dynamic commitment. It's apparent that the belief that Ireland has squad depth to die for, is a tad over optimistic. Maybe in the pack, but our midfield attacking capacity was non-existent in Rome, relying on a second string 12 and 13's didn't cut it! Our starting tempo has been missing as it was against England. Our first receivers are invariably static, whereas you saw Wales' carriers hitting the ball at speed. I think Joe is beginning to believe the hype around key players, but, if they're not on form as is clearly the case with Sexton, then alternatives must be tried! We unfortunately can't suspend the World Cup until these special people regain their mojo!" – Aidan

"I think Ireland's confidence has disappeared somewhat after the English game. We had a good win against Scotland, and while missing some star performers against Italy, we still had nine points and one bonus point on the board. Italy are a tough team to crack; however, our high standards of 2018 have not been achieved yet. I feel that having a full squad and the crowd behind them that we can win against the French." – Kevin

"My feeling is the problems are psychological. Have certain players reached their peak too soon? Can they climb that mountain once more? I cannot put my finger on it but I am not feeling a happy camp. Sensing some unrest. Maybe Joe announcing his exit has disturbed the mindset? They look like they need an honest re-bonding session on an island somewhere other than our island." – Anthony

"We are winning matches that three or four years ago we would have lost (remember 2013 when Italy and Scotland beat us!). This team is going to be OK and it's no harm that England taught us a lesson. Work on the mental side and the rest will follow. I predict we will beat France with a bonus point and Wales with none, but we will still finish third. Not bad for a team who is in so called crisis." – Fionn

"Nervy and well below par, a typical second season syndrome suffered by teams that excel in the previous year. On the plus side, two away wins and nine tries is a decent return." – Paul

"A poor start and they have stumbled over the line since, they lack confidence, energy and are mentally weak at the moment, hoping for some big performances against France and Wales" – Niamh

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"Overall, I am very disappointed, as I'm sure the team are themselves. As I know, and the country knows they are much better, and it is frustrating watching them and it appears that they cannot rectify it, or do not know how to rectify it. It is a pity; the score may say one thing, but the display and effort says another!" -  Mai

"Far better to play poor and win than to play magnificently and lose. Much to work on." – Aidan

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