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Tommy Bowe on...

Ulster getting their act together:

"It certainly looks like it. I would just gauge it from the smiles on faces in the camp and just chatting to the players and stuff, and it just seems a pretty happy camp at the moment. That comes from winning and everyone is delighted at the minute."

His first solo flight:

"It's an amazing feeling. Ian Gough was up at the time and he warned everyone (over the radio) to stay at a 500-mile radius. I just took off, did a circle and came in and landed; that's what you do for your first solo.

"You can hear everyone on the radio congratulating you. A first solo is a big thing in that area. It's a nice sense of achievement."

Playing at full-back:

"I haven't played there this season, but obviously with a couple of injuries there at the minute someone is going to have to play it, but I would be more than happy to put my hand up. It is a lot of hard work whenever you are defending, but if you are on the attack on a team going forwards it is a great position."

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