Saturday 20 July 2019

Rob Kearney can get lost, says pundit George Hook

George Hook
George Hook

Sean Broughan

He is carrying the hopes of the country in the Six Nations but as far as RTÉ's most outspoken pundit is concerned Rob Kearney can "get lost".

George Hook has hit back at comments made by Kearney who suggested that some commentators were just looking to take "cheap shots" for the sake of sensationalism.

The Irish full-back tried to give Hook a taste of his own critical medicine in an interview with the Irish Independent last Saturday, saying: "I think some of them do take cheap shots, yeah. They try to sensationalise things."

Although he didn't name Hook, Kearney went on to say: "I won't get hugely into names but the past players, obviously Ronan O'Gara, Shane Horgan, Brent and Conor O'Shea, they all speak a lot of sense."

Hook has taken exception to the remarks, claiming that Kearney and other members of the Irish squad would like their friends to be match pundits.

"They would like the bench on the panel," he said on Newstalk radio, adding: "All their mates will say aren't they wonderful."

"We are not paid to say they're wonderful, we're paid to look at the match and give our opinion" the radio host said before suggesting that Kearney should "get lost".

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