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"Easy lads" -- Dave Pearson's choice of phrase when players get excited, as when Gordon D'Arcy squared up to Damien Traille.

"Monsieur, Monsieur, Voila. S'il vous plait" -- Pearson shows off his Francais when ordering the French water carrier off the pitch.

"Crossing? Non" -- in reply to Thierry Dusautoir after Brian O'Driscoll appeared to take out three defenders.

"You'll find a good bit there" -- The referee points out a section of the pitch that hadn't cut up to help Jonathan Sexton with a penalty.

O'Driscoll: "He can't f**king stand on him!"

Pearson: "I don't want your players running 50m to shout at me."

O'Driscoll: "But I'm the captain!"

Pearson: "I don't care, I still don't want you shouting at me."

-- A heated exchange after the Ireland captain and Paul O'Connell spotted Traille putting a boot where he shouldn't.

"Negative play from your side, have a word." -- Pearson warns Brian O'Driscoll after another penalty.

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