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Vote of confidence can't save Gatland from legends' flak

WARREN GATLAND should not probably breathe too heavily a sigh of relief even if the dreaded vote of confidence offered by his chairman Roger Lewis is a tad more faith-inducing than its soccer equivalent.

However, what Gatty should be aware of is the growing clamour of disquiet following the country's eight-game winless sequence.

"It's sad, but it's as bleak as I've ever known it and the rugby itself is clueless and bland," says legendary Welsh out-half Barry John. Biff!

"Stephen Jones' confidence must be dented by the Wales management's rather stupid leaking of selection information to the media," says John's similarly revered successor at No 10 Phil Bennett. Bang!

"Mind games are not his forte. The trouble for the Wales coach is that neither is sorting out the ills of his team," says former second-row Eddie Butler. Pow!

How many more knockout blows can Gatty take? DK

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