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Hannah another string to Bowe clan

Tommy may be the most famous Bowe in the public eye, but his younger sister Hannah has packed plenty into her own sporting career, writes Ruaidhri O'Connor.

Capped by the Irish hockey team while still in school at the age of 18, she is back chasing an Olympic qualification dream as part of Ireland's Central Preparation Programme after a period of time travelling and focusing on her career as an accountant.

Based in London and working for Deloitte, the juxtaposition of the Oxford graduate's schedule as an amateur international alongside her brother's as a professional is eye-opening.

She plays for Slough Ladies in the English Women's Premier Division and her goal in Wednesday night's victory over Cannock put her side up to third in the table. On Sunday, she will board a plane home for Ireland training.

"It's amazing when you hear how the rugby team do it, everything is on hand and I suppose that's the joys of being professional," she said.

"Deloitte have been very kind in giving me Mondays off, but I'm trying to take my accountancy exams as well.

"Work starts on Tuesday after looking at a few emails on Monday evening. Tuesday to Friday I'm in work, with a few gym sessions and a training session, one with the club and another one that we're supposed to do as well.

"Friday is rest evening, Saturday will be club hockey. I set my alarm clock for 5.0am on Sunday and fly home. I have an aunt in Donnybrook and she puts me up. I get a couple of hours kip on Sunday morning before training, I train Sunday and Monday and then back to the airport Monday evening."

There's not much room there for the 25-year-old defender to enjoy life, but she says when she got the call from coach Gene Muller, she couldn't resist the challenge to try and make the London games next year,

"I think she's a bit mad, but I'm happy for her," her big brother says. "That kind of shows the way Hannah is, a dedicated person and quite a smart cookie as well. She studied very hard and went through Oxford University. She had to give up her hockey to get a masters from Oxford and then a good job in London. She then decided to get back into the Irish hockey team -- so, it just shows the dedication that she has."

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