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Hammer Mallett if ref's claim proves true

Incessant whining or justified outrage? The debate about last Saturday's scrummaging farrago will continue - sadly behind closed doors.

Ireland coach Declan Kidney entreated the media to respect his decision to pursue an official line of enquiry -- however, an issue of much wider import has already poisoned the public discourse.

The IRB and, presumably, Romain Poite, are seemingly insisting that the referee never wrote to the Italian federation on the eve of last Saturday's encounter.

Kidney did aver that Poite indicated that this was an old trick of applying pressure.

We feel differently at TL.

If one believes the IRB's version of events, Italy coach Nick Mallett (left) stretched the truth in an attempt to influence the referee.

If Mallett is proved to have done this, at the very least he should be sidelined for a match for such an outrageous breach of sporting etiquette and protocol.


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