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Thursday 22 August 2019

Sean Cronin: I'm over incident when clamper threatened to knife me in the neck

Sean Cronin had a run in with clampers
Sean Cronin had a run in with clampers Newsdesk Newsdesk

Irish Six Nations hero Sean Cronin has insisted he has gotten over an incident when a clamper threatened to "knife him in the neck" following a confrontation.

Cronin, who was involved in Ireland's recent Six Nations success, branded Dublin's street clampers as "complete cowboys and absolute scumbags" on Twitter yesterday.

That tweet was in response to MMA star Cathal Pendred, who revealed his anger and frustration after he was clamped in the city.

"Complete cowboys mate, a clamper threatened to knife me in the neck recently after I argued with them, absolute scumbags," Cronin tweeted to Pendred.

At Leinster's press conference today ahead of their Champions Cup semi-final showdown against Toulon on Sunday, Cronin said: "Don't worry about it, I'm over my ordeal now. I'm not talking about it anymore, I'm talking about rugby."

Pendred Yesterday tweeted his frustration when he was clamped outside his Dublin apartment.

"These scumbags have clamped me at my own apartment again. Put a warning notice on at 7:45am & clamped me 1 hour later," said Pendred on the social media platform.

But the MMA hardman found a solution to his problem and shared it with his thousands of online followers.

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"FACT: Cut off a private company clamp & nothing will be done. They'd be entitle to reimbursement for the lock, but won't go to court for €5."

While Pendred was referring to a private clamping company in his tweet, it is unclear whether Cronin's confrontation was with a private firm or a local authority. 

A spokesperson for Leinster rugby told the Irish Daily Star: "(This is) a personal issue to Sean and (we) won't be pursuing it further or looking for more information."

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