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On the basis of what we've seen so far, we should send our 21s to Murrayfield next weekend. And if we didn't have a history of coming unstuck there -- Ireland were winless in Edinburgh between the 1985 thriller and beating them there in 2003 (for 12 years after 1989 we couldn't beat them anywhere) -- we might get away with it. Their inability to put together a try against 13 Welshmen was actually uncomfortable to witness. It stands out in the albeit short history of the Six Nations as a special sequence of events.

At least it inspired a top-class performance from Sean Lamont in the press conference afterwards. If only they all spat it out like that. The backdrop now for Scotland is if they don't beat Ireland, then they'll be 0/4 going to the last game, at home to Italy. The Twickenham trip is in between the two and, not having won there since 1983, this might not be the season to be expecting too much.

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