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Rob Kearney on ...

"Obviously, you are going to look at it differently because it was my brother who was knocked out on the ground and I was there, on the ground with him.

"To see what happened him first-hand was a little bit difficult and then seeing how he has been coping with it over the last month and how it has taken him a long time to recover – if he has fully recovered yet...

"I'm getting a very different insight because we live together and I can see just exactly how it has affected him, but at the same time I need to be bigger than it... Paul didn't do it on purpose, it was an accident and these things can happen."

Long-range place-kicking

"I did keep it up for maybe a full year and when you're practising a couple of times a week for maybe an hour or two and you're only getting one or two opportunities – at the time we had really good long-range kickers and now Jonny (Sexton) can kick 50m as well...

"To see the fruits of that hard work maybe once, twice, three times a year and they might not come..."

Finishing Joe Schmidt era on a high

"We are aware as well that Joe is moving on, so it is always nice to finish your provincial season a winner.

"I know last year we won the Heineken Cup, but when we lost the Pro12 a week later it meant touring to New Zealand... we just left with a bitter taste in the mouth, even though the big competition was won.

"When you're in a position to win things and you don't, it is an uncomfortable feeling."

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