Wednesday 21 February 2018

Pic: Rugby players suffers the most gruesome injury you will ever see

Warning: Graphic content

Those of a squeamish disposition should not scroll down
Those of a squeamish disposition should not scroll down
Daire Courtney

Daire Courtney

Welsh rugby player Ceri Davies suffered a truly gruesome injury last Saturday when his calf was stamped on.

Davies didn’t realise until hours after the game that something was wrong. When the swelling and bruising kept getting worse, he drove himself to A&E, where he passed out and was taken to surgery, according to Wales Online.

Doctors were forced to cut open his leg on both sides to relieve the pressure from what turned out to be Compartment Syndrome.

Compartment Syndrome happens after large increases in pressure on a limb. The swelling keeps getting worse and will eventually cut off bloodflow unless the pressure is relieved.

Davies has been in hospital since Saturday and is hoping to go home tomorrow after a second operation. He has received a huge amount of support from fans and the community.

"It's nothing really. But with all the messages I've been sent, I feel a bit overwhelmed."

Here is his leg below:


We warned you!

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