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O’Gara weighing up his options from 'unbelievable' Paris cuisine


Pictured: Ronan O'Gara Photographer: Will Oliver

Pictured: Ronan O'Gara Photographer: Will Oliver

Pictured: Ronan O'Gara Photographer: Will Oliver

Former Ireland and Munster out-half Ronan O’Gara has conceded he is piling on the weight in Paris due to the ‘absolutely unbelievable’ food.

The Racing Metro coach has conceded he has enjoyed the change in lifestyle, though it is having a big effect on his weight.

Speaking yesterday at the ‘Irish Examiner Ronan O’Gara and Ruby Walsh Breakfast’ in Cork, he highlighted it is a far cry from his playing days when he struggled to put on weight and has added a stone in his time in France.

“I stood on the scales yesterday and I was 86kg,” he is quoted as saying in The Irish Examiner.

“I need to row it back in,” he admitted while adding that his playing weight was normally between 80kg – 82kg.

The cause for the increased weight is simple he says; the food and lifestyle.

“I’ve had a great eight months since moving to Paris.”

“The food is absolutely unbelievable and it’s an easy lifestyle.

“I don’t have the motivation at the moment to train. I’ve lost all the will to train because I just loved training in the group scenario.

“Going on the treadmill or for a run around the park doesn’t float my boat.”

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He added that is somewhat ironic that he struggled to put on weight during his playing career, but it was simply his make-up.

“I’d be a slow gainer in the gym.

“I could eat away, Big Macs or whatever, but if I wanted to carry a stone of that sure what good is that to you? It’d be dead weight,” he added.

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