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Sunday 26 May 2019

Nigel Owens had a room full of rugby fans in stitches with a priceless story about reffing Peter Stringer

Nigel Owens and Peter Stringer
Nigel Owens and Peter Stringer

Michéal Ó Scannáil

Nigel Owens is the master of the one-liner and proved his comic genius in Dublin over the weekend.

In a video circulating social media, the Welsh referee, speaking to an audience at the Phoenix Cricket Club in Dublin on Friday ahead of the Guinness PRO14 final, told a story from a Leinster-Munster inter-provincial derby involving fan favourite Peter Stringer.

His story went like this: “Stringer rolls onto the Leinster side, lying on the ball and not rolling away.

“Before I could do anything Leo Cullen comes in. He boots Stringer in the head, goes out the other side of the ruck and Stringer is lying on the floor there all five foot six of him, blood running down here (points at face).

“I’m standing here with the whistle and I’m thinking to myself, 'hmmm… What am I going to do here now then?'.

“'So I thought, 'Ah f**k it I’ll penalise him for not rolling away!'.

“So I said number nine, and I love doing this (Owens motions his ‘roll away’ hand gesture), I said number nine, I said get out of there, roll away, out you go. You’ve been slowing the ball down all day get out of there!.

“And ladies and gentlemen he got to his feet all five foot six of him, blood running down here (points to his face). He was fuming. Up he gets and he goes to me (looking up), ‘Nigel I’m not happy’.

“I said, 'Well which one are you then!'."

The pair clearly get along and when Stringer signed a new deal with Sale in 2016 they shared a light-hearted exchange on Twitter.

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