Friday 18 October 2019

Jerry Flannery and Felix Jones - apology

General rugby
General rugby

IN an article written by Neil Francis and published by us on Sunday, May 19, 2019, it was falsely stated Felix Jones and Jerry Flannery had been "sacked" from their coaching positions with Munster Rugby. The article also falsely gave the impression that Munster rugby had tried to disguise the alleged sacking by issuing a deliberately misleading press release.

We wish to acknowledge that Neil Francis was completely incorrect in stating that Felix Jones and Jerry Flannery were sacked by Munster Rugby. We take this opportunity to correct the record and to acknowledge that both Felix Jones and Jerry Flannery left Munster Rugby because they decided to decline their contract renewal offers.

We acknowledge that Munster Rugby did its best to extend Mr Jones's and Mr Flannery's contracts.

Neil Francis and the Sunday Independent apologise to both Felix Jones and Jerry Flannery.

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