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'I was a free spirit' in the past.'

Take 20: Mike Sherry

Mike Sherry: ‘I am a good cook’
Mike Sherry: ‘I am a good cook’

Garryowen dynamo explains why hooking rival Duncan Casey would be his ideal dinner-party guest

1: Pre-match meal?

Chicken and mash with a bit of tomato sauce. One or two pancakes with a scoop of ice-cream. It's perfect before the game because you need to fuel yourself for 80 minutes, but you don't want to be feeling overfed.

2: Favourite player growing up?

Jonah Lomu more than anyone else because of the flash. Every rugby player looked up to him because of the amazing things he did on the pitch. From an Irish perspective it would probably have been Brian O'Driscoll. And then from the Munster side of things I would have to say Keith Wood, Ronan O'Gara and Paul O'Connell.

3. Best away-day room-mate and why?

Stephen Archer is the best man to room with. Other than the snoring he is good company and I get on well with him.

4. Who would headline your house-party?

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I haven't had a house-party in quite some time. But if it came down to it I would probably get either Zeebs, Murray or DJ up on the decks and see what they can come up with.

5. First song they would play?

You would probably need some dance music to get the crowd going at the start.

6. You win the Lotto, first thing you would buy?

I would buy a jet and then fly to Las Vegas.

7. Favourite movie?

Lord of the Rings probably. They're long but some of the best films out there.

8. Favourite TV show and why?

The Wire, because it seemed very realistic and gritty. Not that I would know anything about the realism side of it considering it's set in Baltimore.

9. Earliest rugby memory growing up?

I remember when I was really young and I was playing out in Garryowen at U-5. I kicked and screamed all the way out there but when I got there I loved it. I got used to the game very quickly. I was a free spirit in the past, there were no positions at that age group, so wherever the ball was you could usually find me.

10. Who is the joker in the dressing-room?

Killer and Duncan Casey are definitely up there. When they get into a good slagging match it's always an enjoyable experience, and you want to be there.

11. Favourite holiday destination and why?

Either Las Vegas or Ibiza because you just have great craic with the lads when you're there.

12. Favourite away ground to play at?

Stade Jean-Bouin, where Stade Francais play their home games in Paris. It's a pretty amazing atmosphere over there, even though we got spanked the last time we played there.

13. Three people (dead or alive) who you would invite to your dinner party?

David Brent from The Office, my 95-year-old granny Emma of course and then Duncan Casey. He is a very interesting and complicated character, so I would invite him and see what he brings to the party.

14. Most memorable moment in rugby?

Making my Munster debut or winning the league at home in Thomond Park against Leinster in 2011, which was pretty amazing for everyone involved in the organisation.

15. Do you have any pre-match superstitions/rituals?

I have the same routine for every game but I certainly wouldn't say that they are rituals or superstitions anyway.

16. Who is the best player you have played alongside and why?

I would have to say Conor Murray, he's a great player and leader on the pitch.

17. Who is the best player you have played against and why?

Leone Nakarawa because he could change a game whenever he wanted for Racing or Glasgow.

18. Can you tell us an interesting fact about yourself?

I am a good cook.

19. Name three things that are always in your fridge?

Berries, butter and peanut butter.

20. Best advice you ever got?

Don't give in to injuries or setbacks.

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