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Conway: 'I do exactly 36 minutes of meditation before games, it's called Reiki'

Andrew Conway is a big fan of ‘the Sopranos’. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile
Andrew Conway is a big fan of ‘the Sopranos’. Photo by Diarmuid Greene/Sportsfile Sportsdesk

1. Pre-match meal?

When it comes to pre-match meals there's nothing in particular that I would eat. It's whatever I feel like on the day. I'd settle on whatever goes down easy.

2. Favourite player growing up?

I was more a football head back then so Roy Keane was my favourite player.

3. Best away day room-mate and why?

Tyler Bleyendaal. We say very little to each other and it's good because we don't have to force any conversations then. We just sit back and chill out. He doesn't snore either in fairness to him.

4. Who would headline your house party?

Dr Dre and Eminem, I am on a Dr Dre and Eminem buzz after watching 'The Defiant Ones' on Netflix. I will stick with them at the moment.

5. First song they would play?

'Forgot about Dre'.

6. You win the Lotto, what is the first thing you would buy?

I would have to buy my parents a big, massive mansion if I won it.

7. Favourite movie?


8. Favourite TV show and why?

'The Sopranos' because it's just an incredible show. A timeless classic, like 'Goodfellas'.

9. Earliest rugby memory growing up?

Going to Lansdowne Road and watching Ireland v Australia. I have a memory of it being a rotten day. And I think it was Brian O'Driscoll's first time captaining Ireland as well.

10. Who is the joker in the dressing-room?

Dave Kilcoyne, and Duncan Casey was the only man that was able to take him down. We missed him a lot after he went to France because 'Killer' has run riot since he left.

11. Favourite holiday destination and why?

Portugal. I have been there a lot of times. You just get in and know where you are staying. You know all of the nice restaurants and nice places to go.

12. Favourite away ground to play at?

Clermont Auvergne's Stade Marcel-Michelin. We haven't got the results there in recent years but it's just such an amazing stadium and they have the atmosphere to match as well.

13. Three people (dead or alive) who you would invite to your dinner party?

Conor McGregor, Muhammad Ali and Barack Obama.

14. Most memorable moment in rugby?

Singing the national anthem before playing against South Africa this year. I just felt it was more memorable than my debut because when you are making your debut there is a lot going on. I was starting the game against South Africa. I felt like I belonged for the first time. And singing your national anthem in front of your home fans in the city you grew up in is something very, very special. I just took it all in and enjoyed it. It takes about 10 minutes by the time the president comes out and you shake his hand. We sing our two songs, they sing their song, and it's an enjoyable few minutes to take it all in.

15. Do you have any pre-match superstitions/rituals?

I do exactly 36 minutes of meditation, it's called Reiki. I just throw the tunes in and go through a bit of a list of different energy points and let the mind go where I want it to go and try and bring it back when I want to do a small bit of visualisation. That's my go-to on game day.

16. Who is the best player you have played alongside and why?

Keith Earls. He's got so much experience and he's a great player. He's the ultimate professional.

17. Who is the best player you have played against and why?

Johnny Sexton. He's just an incredible player for what he brings to a team. His ability and his will to win is second to none.

18. Can you tell us one interesting fact about yourself?

I'm not that interesting.

19. Name three things that are always in your fridge?

Eggs, milk and smoked salmon.

20. Best advice you have ever got?

The only person you are competing against is yourself.

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