Monday 18 December 2017

Monaghan in the dog house

A REMARKABLE story coming out of Australia this week where Canberra Raiders rugby league player Joel Monaghan has been forced to resign after admitting to simulating a drunken act with a dog at a house party.

Lewd pictures of the 28-year-old engaging with the unfortunate (if eager) canine surfaced on the internet, swiftly going viral, and in an emotional press conference yesterday, Monaghan, flanked by Raiders co-captains Terry Campese and Alan Tongue, broke down repeatedly as he owned up to the incident.

"There are no hard feelings towards anyone else," said Monaghan. "They're my actions and I'm totally responsible. I'll have to handle the jokes and taunts which is understandable, but the players shouldn't have to put up with pressure that my ongoing presence will bring."

The bizarre, and let's admit it, comical, nature of the incident has caused much internet hilarity and, just as was the case with Cork DJ Neil Prendeville, every possible pun has been let off the leash.

Whether the Raiders are barking mad at the idiocy of the player is unclear but by cocking a leg at squad discipline, Monaghan has put his club in the pound. He is now a stray on the lookout for work -- maybe he'll go for the position going in Cork's 96FM?


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