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'Playing against France in opening game of U-20 World Cup was special'

Playing hurling in County Meath is one of Hugh O’Sullivan’s earliest sporting memories. Photo: Sportsfile
Playing hurling in County Meath is one of Hugh O’Sullivan’s earliest sporting memories. Photo: Sportsfile

Hugh O'Sullivan

1. What boots do you wear?

Never stray too far from Adidas boots. I'm not the type to know the exact name or model though!

2. What's your pre-training routine?

I always try and throw a few passes in the gym before we head out onto the pitch just to warm up.

3. You're in charge of the after-match tunes, what goes on first?

Kid Cudi - REVOFEV

4. Imagine a world that you're not a rugby player - what's your job?

A rugby coach, lecturing in Politics and Philosophy on the side.

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5. Stranded on a desert island, what three things do you take?

Spare underpants, a few chickens and my dog Duke.

6. Which team-mate would you want with you on the island and why?

Peter Maher. I could argue with him for days on loads of different topics, it would keep the boredom at bay.

7. What was your favourite book as a child?

Mr Happy.

8. What's your first sporting memory as a player or spectator and what do you remember from it?

Playing indoor ground hurling with my local GAA club Kiltale when I was 6 or 7. Learning from the hurling god that is Paddy Kelly was where it all started.

9. You have one moment from your career to do over. What is it?

Leinster Schools Senior Cup final loss to Roscrea in 2015.

10. What rugby skill would you most like to possess? Kick perfectly off both feet.

11. Favourite boxset/TV series?

'Planet Earth' - the David Attenborough series.

12. What current player in your position do you most admire?

Aaron Smith.

13. Who has been the biggest influence on your rugby career and why?

Phil Werahiko. Instilled huge confidence in me as a player while I was in Belvedere and made me look at rugby as a potential career.

14 What was your first car?

Ford Focus.

15. What sporting event makes your bucket list and why?

The Pro Kabaddi league Final in India. From the little I've seen on TV, the atmosphere looks insane!

16. One minute to go in the Champions Cup final, you're three points down and you have a penalty in front of the posts… what do you do?

Take the points and win it in extra-time.

17. What was the last concert you went to?

John Spillane at the Le Chéile Festival in Ballinlough, Co Meath

18. Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Tá gaeilge agam.

19. What's your own best memory playing rugby?

Making my Leinster debut this season was pretty special. Playing against France in the opening game of the U-20 Rugby World Cup in the Stade Aimé Giral was something else also. Atmosphere was brilliant.

20. Who'll win the Gallagher Premiership in England and the Top 14 in France? Exeter for the Premiership. I reckon Stade could be the surprise package in the Top 14, especially with Paul O'Connell on board but they need a few more wins.

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